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Regenerative Therapy with PRF for TMJ Treatment

My team and I are dedicated to bringing you the latest advancements in dental technology, offering innovative TMJ treatment options […]

FREE TMJ Consultation & $250 OFF TMJ Treatment Plan

Your initial TMJ consultation is Free and I am offering $250.00 off your TMJ MAGO Therapy Treatment Plan. Hello, I’m […]

Biomimetic Restorations

The difference between this new approach and conventional treatments like metal crowns and amalgam fillings is that it is biomimetic. […]

Got Dry Mouth

Having enough saliva is important both to your general health and your dental health. Our saliva is part of the […]

Gum Disease Prevention

We work diligently to prevent gum disease, it’s a common condition most adults will suffer from during their lifetime. Unfortunately, […]

What Causes Tooth Wear

With proper care, your teeth will last a lifetime. Slight tooth wear is normal as we age – anything more […]

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe

Charcoal based toothpastes have become all the rage recently in oral health and are being promoted by Hollywood stars and […]

How Long Do Fillings Last

So what does a newly paved road have to do with how long Fillings last? Believe it or not, the […]

Can You Regrow Enamel

We’ve all seen the ads that tell us that you can avoid the dentist and take some supplement or brush […]

Stable vs Unstable Chewing System

The three reasons people lose their teeth are dental decay, gum disease and an unstable chewing system. Your chewing system […]

How To Recognize Gum Disease

As a practicing general dentist in Dallas, Texas who has been treating gum disease since 2001, I’m often asked, how […]

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Why Custom Take-Home Bleaching Trays are Our Favorite Approach! There are many options available for you to whiten your teeth, […]

Jaw Popping When Chewing?

When people discuss the noises that their jaw makes, clicks and pops when chewing, they are referring to the “TMJ” […]

Pulled a muscle in your jaw?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to pull a muscle in your jaw as there are quite a number of muscles, […]