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The difference between this new approach and conventional treatments like metal crowns and amalgam fillings is that it is biomimetic. Bio means “life” and mimetic means “to imitate or mimic.” Therefore, the term biomimetic literally means to “mimic life.” The goal of Biomimetic Dentistry, therefore, can be described as a desire to mimic the natural life (biology) of the dental system as closely as possible.

Biomimetic Dentistry is less invasive than traditional dentistry. A key aspect of this approach is that it strives to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible. In the long run, it provides better long-term function and reduces the risk for future damage, eliminating the need for additional dental treatments, while also conserving costs.

In general, Biomimetic Restorations are:
● longer-lasting
● less invasive
● able to be repaired if damage
● less likely to result in future damage
● more cost-friendly in the short and long-term

This is quite different from the results you get with traditional crowns. Traditional dental crowns are strong and are not damaged easily. If you take good care of them, they can last for a considerable period of time. However, in order to fit a conventional crown to your teeth, a good deal of the natural tooth must be removed. This weakens the tooth structure.

The more tooth structure that is lost, the greater is the risk of permanent injury or damage to the nerve in a tooth. In this way, conventional crowns increase the risk of future dental work, which can end up being more costly for you, the patient. In fact, according to research, about 10-25% of the time, teeth fitted with dental crowns require root canal therapy later on. Furthermore, if damage to the tooth occurs down the road, a replacement crown could cost up to five times as much as a dental filling.

When I perform a Biomimetic Restoration, I focus intently on preserving the healthy structural elements of the tooth. Minimally invasive techniques are used to rebuild the tooth from the inside out. Nothing is removed that is still healthy. Preserving the original structure of the tooth greatly reduces the risk of future damage and injury. This way, there’s less chance that the patient will need a root canal in the future.

Finally, the last benefit of Biomimetic Dentistry is that these types of restorations can be repaired in the future if need be. Say that the patient suffers some form of dental trauma. When damage occurs to a conventional crown, it’s very likely that it will need to be replaced. Biomimetic Restorations, on the other hand, are easily repaired. So not only are the upfront costs lower, but the patient ends up paying less for dentistry over the years.

Biomimetic Restoration Treatment

The treatment process for Biomimetic Restoration is quite different from traditional crowns, both in terms of its goals as well as its methods. Preparation for traditional crowns is much more aggressive. Through this approach, a good amount of the tooth is removed in order to make room for the restoration. The focus is on the restoration, not the tooth. The mentality is, the stronger the restoration, the better the results. Unfortunately, the problem with this approach is that it weakens the tooth structure, which often results in further complications and the need for more restorative treatments.

Biomimetic Restoration, on the other hand, focuses on the tooth, not the synthetic materials. The goal is to improve the function and biomechanics of the tooth. Damaged and decaying matter is removed, but nothing else. Then, the restoration is bonded to the healthy tooth matter. In this way, more of the tooth structure is preserved, resulting in better long-term function and reduced cost over the patient’s lifetime.

Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry

If you live in or around the Dallas area and are looking for a holistic alternative to traditional dental crowns, then you may be a good candidate for the Biomimetic Dental treatments provided at my practice. Biomimetic Dentistry is much less invasive than traditional dentistry and allows for better preservation of your natural teeth. Patients who opt for this treatment method are also at reduced risk for needing endodontic therapy, crowns, and potential extraction in the future. Not only are the dental health benefits significant, but it is also a less costly treatment option.

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